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Bob Baker

Bob Baker's Pop Rock Art Studio

St. Louis, MO


If you're interested in an original painting or getting a great deal on a high-quality canvas print, click the "Contact" button and let me know. I can also create an original painting of your favorite celebrity, a loved one, or you! Just let me know.

I've been creating art with acrylic paint and mixed media off and on since 1972. But it wasn't until 2012 that I decided to go more "public" with my art. Just a mere 40-year warm-up period :)

Don't get me wrong. I'm not shy. In fact, I've been in the public eye for decades as a musician, author, actor, teacher, and speaker. My books and workshops are mostly about music marketing and artist empowerment. In fact, those things have kept me so busy I rarely made time to paint, much less promote and sell my artwork.

But that changed in 2012 as I started posting images of some of my newer paintings on Facebook. Each image got dozens of comments and hundreds of likes. It was a sign that I needed to spend more time exploring this four-decades-long passion.

What I love to share with you are creative treatments of iconic images and famous people with a rock and roll slant. Some of it has a pop art style, with a retro rock edge. That's why I'm calling this new adventure Bob Baker's Pop Rock Art Studio.

I hope you see something that speaks to you and will spice up the look of your home or that of a loved one. Enjoy!


Asian Female Drip Art by Bob Baker


Bikini Swimsuit Girl Colorful by Bob Baker


Herman Munster - The Munsters by Bob Baker


Lily Munster - Yvonne De Carlo by Bob Baker


Mod Girl Female Silhouette Abstract by Bob Baker


You Are Love Purple Heart by Bob Baker and Pooki Lee


You Are What You Think Collage 2 by Bob Baker


Marilyn Monroe Blue Green Aqua Tint by Bob Baker


Amy Winehouse Back in Blue by Bob Baker


John Lennon, Little Boy Blue by Bob Baker


Marilyn Monroe Blue Pop Art Portrait by Bob Baker


Sleeping Buddha Head by Bob Baker


6 Hearts Collage by Bob Baker


Love from the Heart by Bob Baker


Tree Art Fantasy Abstract by Bob Baker and Pooki Lee


The Beatles Help Pop Art by Bob Baker


J.R. Bob Dobbs Pop Art Church SubGenius by Bob Baker


Three Abstract Figures with Hearts by Bob Baker


Rock Band Singer Abstract Art by Bob Baker


Morticia Addams by Bob Baker


Marilyn Monroe, Purple and Pink by Bob Baker


Bettie Page Pop Art Painting by Bob Baker


Grunge Girl Female Silhouette Pop Art by Bob Baker


Jim Morrison of The Doors by Bob Baker


Paul McCartney - The Beatles by Bob Baker


Amy Winehouse by Bob Baker


Elvis Presley - Red Blue Drip by Bob Baker


Marilyn Monroe - Yellow Red by Bob Baker


Young Elvis Presley 3 Image Collage by Bob Baker